Insights and Tools

Influencing Pro-environmental
Behaviour Change

Learn about factors that influence
whether someone is likely to make
a pro-environmental change
in their behaviour

Influencing Pro-environmental  Behaviour Change 

Influences on Pro-Environmental

Feeling is First: Why Feelings are Important
in Getting People to Respond
to Climate Change


Improving Your Program:
Making a Start

 How to make a start on a
successful program to facilitate
pro-environmental behaviour 

tools and insights

1 Projects work better when they start with the people who implement them

2 Workshops can be motivating but overwhelming...

3 Why isn't environmental behaviour change as successful as community health?

4 What are the best theories of Environmental Behaviour Change?

5 Are your objectives really about behaviour change?

6 It's important to set proper program objectives

7 What behaviours should you change?

8 Who should you target for change?

9 How much change should you aim for?

10 Why set time frames for change?



Littering Behaviour

Learn about littering behaviour
& keeping public places clean


Top Tips for Clean Public Places

Clean Communities Assessment Tool

 Cartoons of Disposal Behaviour Types