What we do

As environmental psychologists with 20 years experience, we can help you work on how to change behaviour and how to evaluate changes in what people say and what they actually do.

We have a rich variety of project work during two decades of working in the field. Here are some examples selected for variety...

Project Support & Mentoring



We helped extend the work of a community food program to improve access to affordable, culturally appropriate & sustainable food.




We assisted a power company to apply our behaviour change framework to support environmental values & improve the uptake of green energy in the community.


garden water bottles


We helped build staff capacity to evaluate a long-term water conservation program in schools using a developmental approach & traditional methods. 




Expert Advice




 We provided evaluation advice to a state & federal government department to help        them improve community engagement in science & technology.


ccat interviewing at home


We helped a government department investigate barriers & drivers underlying household water use behaviours to inform programs to reduce water use. 

Independent Evaluation



We provided independent behavioural evaluation for a best practice assessment of a cooperative university,government and council storm-water pollution prevention program.



We conducted independent behavioural evaluation of a government & industry behaviour change campaign to reduce litter after anti-smoking legislation was introduced in licensed premises in Victoria, Australia.


bin at the games


We contributed to the assessment of green credentials for international events like the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games & the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games by evaluating the effects of waste management & recycling systems on patron’s behaviour.






We conducted state-wide monitoring of progress towards zero waste in Victoria, Australia using our 

Clean Communities Assessment Tool 


Specialist Training & Tools



Over 5 years, we developed our observational approach to locations throughout Australia.measure disposal behaviour in hundreds of public places




ccat assessment roadside



We helped train staff from 17 local councils across Victoria, Australia to assess the effectiveness of a roadside & beach litter campaign using a tailored field data collection strategy.


Training Tools


Our world’s best practice Clean Communities Assessment Tool  has been licensed to local government councils in NSW, Queensland & Victoria, Australia to assess the effectiveness of a whole of government approach to creating clean communities. Since 2003, state government organisations & consultants have also been licensed to use the CCAT.